Who we are:

B2B Management Platform has been created for Vietnamese companies to easily connect with Foreign markets (including investors, global companies, foreign corporators). Foreign businesses have higher chances to find reliable companies with high-quality services. On the contrary, Vietnamese businesses have access to many new opportunities from international investors entering the Vietnamese market.

What we do:

Based on the business structures and types registered, we support all businesses the following items:

  1. Business information is transparent, especially in the business category.
  2. Partners using services are assessed for quality, which supports businesses to increase their reputation and presence on the internet.
  3. Business ratings will be based on the evaluation of customers and partners who use the services of that business. Moreover, the website has an automated evaluation with its own standards.
  4. Domestic businesses are able to connect and cooperate with each other through the registered information.
  5. We recommend suitable foreign partners for businesses listed and appreciated on the website.
  6. Foreign companies and investors are able to find reputable partners with high-quality services in Vietnam straightforwardly.

Our Mission

  1. Promote Vietnam Companies to many business opportunities in the international market place.
  2. Encourage the partnership between Foreign customers to local companies.
  3. Support Foreign businesses easily reach the Vietnam market place.

Why List with Us

  1. Free or Paid Listing
  2. Access to Wide Audience
  3. Regular Updates About Your Listing
  4. All professionals
  5. Risk-Free Services
  6. Saving Your Time
  7. Saving Your Cost
  8. Premium Experience
  10. Job posting to recruit your employee, Post posting to engage with the audience via content marketing.

Best regards,
B2B Management Platform Development Team.

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